Our Services


​- A/C Service

- Heater Repairs

- A/C Repairs

     - Compressor Replacement

     - Evaporator Repalacement

     - TX Valve Replacement

     - Receiver Drier Replacement

     - Condenser Replacement

     - A/C Hose Repair / Replacement

An air conditioning service is something that you would normally do annually. A service consists of degassing the vehicle, evacuating the system, adding oil and dye as needed and regassing the vehicle with the correct amount of gas. All mounting bolts are checked, hoses and piping checked for wear, leakage, and mounted correctly. Engine fans inspected and checked for correct operation, condenser checked for damage and cleaned of any debri. Engine drive belts are inspected for wear and tension. System is performance tested to make sure pressures are ok and system is cooling correctly. Cabin controls are tested and pollen filter inspected if fitted. System is leak tested with UV Light and electronically.



At Western Auto Air, we ONLY use R134A Gas. This is the gas that has been used in all new vehicles since 1994. We DO NOT use or recommend the use of hydrocarbon gasses in vehicles due to the flammable nature of these "drop in" gasses. Always make sure when you have your vehicle air conditioning system serviced, ask them what gas they will be using, and make sure that a label is fitted under the hood. A label should contain the business name, date of service, name and license number of technician that worked on your car, type of gas and oil in system, receiver drier replacement date and if dye is in system.

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